Plush Toy - Sad Gray Cloud (Smaller)
Plush Toy - Sad Gray Cloud (Smaller)
Plush Toy - Sad Gray Cloud (Smaller)
Plush Toy - Sad Gray Cloud (Smaller)

Plush Toy - Sad Gray Cloud (Smaller)

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Oh dear, boohoohoo... cries the Sad Gray Clouds... it always rains whenever Mister Sunny goes away on his occasional holidays, bringing with him the Happy Clouds for company. There is no one else to play with in the big, big sky, and this makes the Gray Clouds really, really sad.

This handmade small Sad Gray Cloud plush toy is the perfect companion for all kids and kidults! This quirky collectible is also a simple yet lovely way of decorating and spicing up your living space with a statement. Put this rad little fella on your chair or couch, or even your office cubicle, and it will bring a smile to not only your face but others too!


    • Approximately 5” tall and 10” broad.
    • Made with fleece, plush felt fabric, and filled with stuffing.
    • There will be slight variations in the shape of the plushie, and felt applique and sewing details on its front.
    • Each plushie is sewn individually, all one-of-a-kind individuals!
    • Every Sad Gray Cloud will differ slightly from one another, and from that shown in photo.

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