Custom Orders

We know some customers like yourself have acquired taste. Never in your lifetime would you want to be caught dead in a situation whereby you end up carrying the same case as someone else on the street. Which is why in addition to our one of a kind creations, we have a custom request service, whereby you may request for a design from our collection in the colors you like and fabric of your choice from our available selections. Or maybe you need a longer strap for a particular design you like from our collection? Whatever it is, as long as we have to capability to customize it, we will do it for you!

How do I go about placing a custom order request?
A custom-made item generally takes about 4-6 weeks for completion, and whose cost is similar to how I price my works, give or take $5 - $10 depending on what you are looking for. A great way to start a custom-order request is to drop me an email, telling me what you are looking for and we will discuss from there on!

Upon confirmation of an order, a 50% fixed deposit or full payment is expected before we start working on your request. I will email pictures of the completed work when it is ready for collection.

As a basic guideline, the list of components available for customization are as follows :
- Fabric materials (from my currently available supplies)
- Fabric combination (mix and match from my currently available supplies)
- Strap changes (length etc.) or additions, or extra compartments etc. (pockets etc.)
- Custom text/name embroidery

How much does it cost?
They are priced similarly to how my handmade goods costs. For instance, a laptop sleeve costs $55. If you would like one made, chances are a custom-made laptop sleeve will be of that price too. However, if you have extra details you would like, there will be additional costs, give or take $5 - $10.

How long does it take to finish an order?
I usually request for at least 4-6 weeks for the completion of an order, as there is always a concurrent work order queue. It depends on my current schedule, but 4-6 weeks is a safe bet. If your order can be completed earlier, we will let you know!

Do I have to make a deposit for an order?
Yes, you have to make a 50% fixed deposit or full payment before your order can be confirmed.

Can you use my own fabric for my custom order?
You sure can!

Do custom orders restrict your creativity?
It does not when customers give me complete creative freedom and trust in what I make.