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Littleoddforest is a lifestyle design label that wishes to make the whole world SMILE!
Founded in 2004 by Singapore-based designer Lynda Lye when she was 25 years old, Littleoddforest is known as LOF by their friends and fans worldwide. Under this niche label, Lynda designs and makes delectable forest, fairy tales and wanderlust inspired lifestyle goods. LOF is specially catered for all who are kid-adults; the young and colorful at heart, and free-spirited grown-ups with imagination. It is everything quirky, whimsical, kitschy and colorful. Lynda believes that adults can and should have fun too!



Littleoddforest is an ongoing creative project of Lynda.
Since a child, she has been influenced by fantasies of bizarre fairy tale adventures, set in magical enchanted forests, filled with imagery of talking animals and imaginary creatures. Thanks to her artist-painter father, who began reading loads of incredible tales to her when she was still in her mother's womb,  Lynda has created this strange little world of colors and endless possibilities in her head. This is why many unusual ideas spark from her imagination, and she is on an endless pursuit of creating the next animal-inspired bag that oozes with lots of personality, funny Alpaca fabric prints, and odd forest critter plush toy, with hopes of helping to make this world a more colorful, fun and quirky place to live in. 

Preferring to draw and cut freehand, Lynda has always been an artsy-crafty kid, doodling, cutting and gluing away as early as when she was just a tiny 4 year-old, scaring adults around her by snipping away at everything that comes into her sight. A Science major throughout school years and one-time Economics degree dropout, she flew off alone to college in Chicago for 4 priceless years, after much bumming around and feeling lost, and got her Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States. She majored in Visual Communications, but got to dabble in a little bit of almost everything 'artistic', including painting and fashion, all thanks to a flexible curriculum. Lynda LOVES design, and wanted to do something on her own that she could take pride in and truly love.
So she embarked on this journey, born from daydreams of escaping monotony and constraints, to bring her imagination and creations to life.



Littleoddforest wants to be a lifestyle embraced by handmade lovers and connoisseurs from all over the world who appreciate a BIG dose of fun in their everyday lives.
Every single item here is designed by Lynda. They are ethically, honestly and painstakingly hand made in-house by herself and her own team of fair-wage makers based in her Philippines workshop and in Singapore, and also produced by 3rd party makers who understand her emphasis on quality. The quality of their craft and sewing shows clearly from their products. Instead of having collections, LOF works with different thematic series, which expand with the inclusion of new designs throughout the year. LOF is not fashion per se, and do not follow trends nor seasons. It is not for the masses but is created specially for those who appreciate the exclusivity, effort, and passion that goes into their material purchases, and are always looking out for something meaningful and different, and are confident enough to ditch their “safe-choice” accessories.

Littleoddforest participated in its first trade show in Singapore within less than a year, followed by another in 2006. LOF products have been featured in countless media outlets internationally in the last 10 years, including magazines such as Lucky (United States and Greece), Bazaar (Singapore) and Seventeen (Singapore). LOF designs have also been included in a handful of published books, including cult favorite Print & Pattern by author Bowie Style, and Lynda was interviewed on prime time national television in Singapore in 2009 and 2013.


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