Baby Bib - Magical Unicorn 02

Baby Bib - Magical Unicorn 02


Oh hi there! It is one of the few magical Unicorn families living in peace, deep in the littleoddforest! Did you know that unicorns use their horn to absorb their energy from the sun? And when two unicorn families meet, they express great joy by giving off lots of sparkly rainbow colored dust!

These soft cotton jersey fabric baby bibs are perfect for keeping cute little tots clean, AND looking spiffy and adorable too! They are sized to fit up to 12 month old babies, and shaped to curve and sit nicely on their little shoulders. The tack-on velcro closure makes it super easy for busy hands to put them on and take them off. These bibs are all lined with soft terry towel fabric at the back, perfect for a baby's soft sensitive skin.

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