Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)
Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)
Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)
Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)
Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)

Backpack - Kooky Koala (Beige Brown)

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Inspired by my very own chubby little kooky koala, and her need to cling on to my body all day long. Did you know, when not asleep, a koala feeds on eucalyptus leaves, especially at night, and koalas do not drink much water and get most of their moisture from these leaves? In Aborigine language, the word ‘koala’ means ‘no water’!

This super 'kawaii' kooky koala backpack closes with a koala faced flap, and comes with a pair of adorably large koala ears whose front is made with soft fleece fabric. Nothing can be cuter than this! Its koala face details are fabric pieces appliqued on the flap that closes with a magnetic snap button. Its handy zipper compartment on the front comes with the cutest little detail - a puffy little fabric Eucalyptus Leaf zip pull! All 100% handmade! This backpack's opening also has 2 additional magnetic button closures. Handmade with sturdy cotton twill fabrics and beautifully lined on its inside with soft fleece fabric, this backpack works well for both kids and petite sized adults, and is the perfect companion for a dreamy, whimsical day out. Do not disparage its size, it has another pocket inside, and the carry handle and adjustable straps make it a cute and handy little carrier for all your daily essentials needed for a little adventure outside!

  • Sturdy cotton twill fabrics, details, fleece lining
  • Bronze colored metal buckles
  • 11''L x 11''H x 2.5''W
  • Adjustable back straps
  • 1 zip pocket outside
  • Magnetic snap button flap and 2 closures
  • 1 pocket inside
  • Shape may vary slightly from that shown in photo.

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